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Under the bridge downtown. March 2, 2013.

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The fact that Harry Potter was written on a Word Document format on a computer freaks me out. J.K. writing Harry Potter looks just like me writing a paper for my Shakespeare class an hour before its due…It just seems too simple for something so extraordinary. 

I always imagined her sitting in some sort of grandiose chair and her writing with a huge quilled pen or speaking the words aloud and them magically appearing a large, floating piece of paper or something. A process that could equate to the product, I suppose.

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This hurts. IT HURTS

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So I just sat down and drew some Cecil. a lot of Cecil. dork.

But I had so much fun *A*

I wanted to draw Carlos like that too, but got way too tired..Hopefully I will draw him later.

This is 100000000% my headcanon

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and then marco gets dreams about cool jean

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"I was at boarding school and had been misbehaving and I was sent to study drama, to the theater at my school. I was sent under duress and never left, I loved it. To begin with I was just helping out with the sets, painting the walls, nailing things into the floor and doing odd jobs. I was sent there to keep out of trouble, but I never thought about acting before that at all. Then I discovered I liked the people doing drama far more than most of the other people at my school. I spent so much time there that eventually someone asked me to be in a play, it had nothing whatsoever to do with my acting ability. I found out that I loved acting and I am very glad it happened.”  Hugh Dancy

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Attack on Titan Horoscopes: Aries → Jean Kirschstein 

Aries can often come across as arrogant and headstrong, but they possess a strong instinct to protect the ones they most care about, making them natural-born leaders

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